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What's In My Bag?

I always like to think that a women's purse is one of her most sacred items. My purse is my entire life packed in a small bag and at times is often my lifesaver. So, instead of doing a basic video where I explain everything that is in my bag, I decided to put my English major to the test and write a blog post instead.

As a woman, there are a few essential items that we need to have in our purses. One of those is a Summers Eve cleansing cloth. LADIES... Listen up! Our personal hygiene is so important, especially the maintenance of our delicate "flower". Therefore, when I know that Miss Flow is about to come on, I ensure that I have a tampon or pad in my bag. I consistently keep a few of the wipes in my bag, not only for when my "friend" pays her irregular visits but also because I love to remain fresh all day, every day.

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What's In My Bag?

Other items that I keep in my bag is a travel size Urban Decay All Nighter spray at times I feel a little oily or want to add some more moister to my skin. Most products that I keep in my bag are for makeup touches and makeup checks. I have Fenty lip gloss, Mac Liner and SosoBeauty Cosmetics for when I need a retouch.

I also keep my trusty Stila highlighter, mostly because it has a mirror. For ANY lady that wears falsies always insure that you keep some lash glue on you, because you never know if it could be a windy day and half of your lash is flying away in the wind. One thing that is however missing from whats in my bag is a brush. It all depends on what hairstyle I am wearing at the time if I actually need to carry it around.

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