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Jays Essentials is a fashion, body positivity, lifestyle, and home décor blog based in North Florida by Jaden Austin. The blog posts are centered around affordable lifestyles and accessible fashion while celebrating a unique and creative lifestyle. This site was created with the belief that “a sprinkle” of inspiration and openness through dialogue can help you feel confident every day.

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J A D E N 

Jaden Austin is a blogger, Youtuber, and content creator. She is determined to use her platform to inspire body positivity and promote inclusivity at ALL sizes and for all women! When she is not working on her brand, Jaden is a full-time employee at a local University, where she attends grad school and is studying Integrated Marketing Communication. After she attends college, Jaden's dream job is to become a full-time blogger, Youtuber, influencer, and entrepreneur. Until those dreams pan out, she hopes to seek a marketing career as a content creator and/or digital strategist.  

m e s s a g e  f r o m  j a d e n​​ :


My name is Jaden, aka, Jay. I am an avid believer in loving yourself FIRST! I am a small-town girl who loves to get dressed, put on makeup, and travel the world. I have been blessed with this amazing opportunity to share it all through Jays Essentials. JE originally began as a creative outlet for me to share my passion and learn how to find my voice within. I don’t claim to be the know-all when it comes to fashion, but I know what makes me feel confident to seize the day!


As I continue to grow through my journey, I am consistently working on self and self-confidence. Throughout my years, people have tried to define who and what I am. That stops NOW! I am reclaiming and taking back control of who I am! Jays Essentials significants is to share my journey of personal growth, self-confidence, my passion for fashion, makeup, and what is Essential to maintain my physical, emotional, and mental health.


I appreciate all of the feedback from you guys – good or bad! I only want to inspire you guys to become your best, most confident selves, so your feedback is important to me and also inspires me to continue my journey. Anything you want to see? Tell me! 



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Disclosure: This is a personal style blog written by Jaden Austin and any products received as gifts will be disclosed in the post in which they appear. When this site uses affiliate links they generate a small commission when items are sold. Any items that Jays Essentials receives for consideration of coverage on this blog or any social media platform, does not guarantee coverage. All gifts will be disclosed and will be included in editorial content on the blog. Jays Essentials will never sell, save, or give contact information obtained from this blog. My opinions are and will always be my own. For press inquiries, marketing, collaborations, sponsorship & partnerships, email me.

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