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18 Forgotten Items That You Should Always Pack For a Vacay!

Updated: May 21, 2022

Summer means vacation, vacation, vacation! Enjoying yourself at the destination is the easy part, but packing for the destination can be tedious and stressful. That is why when it comes to packing for trips, I prefer to write a list of things that I need and organize my suitcase because I hate forgetting things and having to spend extra money to buy them again once I get to my destination. Isn't it the worse feeling when you get all the way to the hotel or rental property and you realize that you forgot deodorant or left your toothbrush? So, I compiled a list of the 20 most forgotten items that I tend to leave at home.





  1. Feminine Deodorant Spray

  2. Passport / ID

  3. Sexy Dress

  4. Tylenol/ Advil

  5. Portable Charger

  6. Comfy Lounger

  7. Sexy Lingerie

  8. Portable Fan

  9. Camera

  10. Headphones

  11. Laptop

  12. Stylish Heels

  13. Snacks/ Waterbottle

  14. Crossbody purse or fashionable backpack

  15. Slippers

  16. Handheld tripod or Selfie-stick

  17. Empty Water bottle

  18. Universal Plug Adaptor


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