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Burger vs Burger

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

When it comes to a juicy burger with all your favorite fix-ins, I don't think anyone could resist, well unless you're vegan or vegetarian. I am always down to try different food and new restaurants. So, when I first came live in the greater Atlanta area, naturally I wanted to find an amazing burger joint. I found two well-known burger places and immediately went to go check them out.




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Burger vs Burger


My first stop is Burger21. I found their menu to be very diverse and have something for everyone, from veggie burgers to hot dogs, etc. I decided on the BBQ Bacon Burger, fries, and a cookies and cream shake. I found that the burger was not worth the price I paid for it. I even made a joke with my friend stating, "I had a double cheeseburger from the 4 for 4 menu at Wendy's that tasted better than this." The fries were decent, but I have had better. I believe it is because I prefer thicker fries over thinner ones. On the upside, I can definitely say Burger 21 has one hell of a shake. It was really good! Not too thick or watery, with the right amount of cream, milk, and cookies.

Burger: 6/10

Fries: 7/10

Shake: 8/10

Overall Score: 7/10

Shake Shake's menu offers a wide range of food, similar to Burger 21. I decided on the Smoke Shack Burger with cheese fries and a shake. On the smoked burger, they top it with chopped cherry peppers and ShakeSauce. This combination is to die for, but if you are not a fan of hot/spicy foods like I am, I recommend asking to go light on the peppers. One thing that I love about the creation of this burger is that the bun is not fully open, so all of the condiments stay inside the bun and will not fall on the tray. If you are not a meat eater, my friend had the Chicken Shack and she said it was REALLY good!

I honestly have very few words when it comes to describing Shake Shack. It is hands down the best burger restaurant I have ever been to. The pricing may be a little steep, but it is totally worth the money.

Burger: 10/10

Fries: 9/10

Shake: 8/10

Overall Score: 9/10

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