Never imagined that I would be spending my 23rd Birthday in quarantine. I did not have huge plans for my birthday, but I wanted to be waking up on a beachfront somewhere (I do NOT trust hotel rooms during this time). However, I turned this negative into a positive and decided to do one of my favorite things on a Saturday, host a brunch!

I wanted a small intimate gathering (still trying to follow the social distancing guidelines) with some of my friends from back home. Honestly, I spent a lot more money than I planned on, but I stayed relatively within budget with the help of Amazon and Walmart! If you have been following me for a while, then you know that pink and rose gold are my whole mood! So, how could I not decorate the whole room in pink? At this point, it's a necessity! The decorations were fairly easy to put up. The balloons and decorations came in a lot better than I expected.

But the decorations are meaningless if the food is not good! No, I did not cook this food ( I don't cook ;0). However, I want to thank the man that did, Jordan Bryant. Instagram: Shortonejb. I was his first catered event and the photos do not do the food justice. He did such a good job and everything tasted amazing!

Overall, I had an amazing day and enjoyed hanging out with my friends. And it was a much-needed break to have fun. I am soon going to be posting a Birthday brunch vlog, I'm expecting big things from 23 and I can not wait to see what God has in store for me.


Jay ✨

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Keys To Throwing A #QuarantineBrunch In Style

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Experiencing life in your 20's is like a race against time. It's similar to a scene out of The Fast and the Furious. As the cast is trying to race against the clock and defeat whatever big bad person they have to face. Only in this case, the big bad is age. Constantly, we fight a mental war within ourselves by managing our dreams and expectation of life and ageism. The 10 years we experience in our 20's is like a race to do as much as you can as fast as you can before you hit the horrible and big bad 30.

(SN: Even though this is about lifestyle expectations, I am still a fashion blogger and you know I bring the looks! So, shop my look, and don't forget to watch my YouTube video as I show some "fits" that are perfect for springtime at the office!)

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The Growing Pains of Elevating Yourself

It's like we give ourselves this timeline of "I want to be in my entry-level job by 22, house owned by 25, engaged in 28, have a baby by 30". Let's admit it, we all do it. But, why do we put these unnecessary and often unrealistic exceptions when success or life-altering events should occur? Is it society applying these pressures, family expectations, or a friendly competition with friends to see who has the nice, white picket fence first? Why is it that as a culture, we feel as though we have to have our whole life together by the age of 30? And don't get it twisted, when I say "we", I am also including myself.

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I'm currently residing in the phase of settling into a career and seeking financial freedom. For me, what came after graduating college has been the hardest part of my life thus far. Honestly, I am truly just blessed to be here. There was a moment where I did not know if I would be. I recently accepted a job that has all of the benefits, but has no personal reward. I always get the job done. However, I am not mentally satisfied or happy with the work that I am doing. I moved passed the hard part of finding a job that paid a sufficient amount and internal growth possibilities, but I am still working on finding what I am truly passionate about.

At times, we may get so caught up in the mindset of "making it" lost sight of which way is up and which way is down. I have a chance to go to back to school to get my masters for free. Like literally, FREE! However, I am not even sure where to start. Should I lean toward the degree that I am for sure going to have careers and financially stability? How will I know what path will lead me to fill complete about the work/effort that I am putting forth? Or should I scrabble in search for another degree that I won't be 100%, whole heartedly into? Because at the end of the day, I am not even sure what I want to do. (ie: my life, my career, everything!) And the large voiced opinions of family and friends don't contribute much help either.

Being 22, I wanting to have have some grasp as to what I want to do with my life. As an inspiring blogger and a Youtuber, I love this! Although, how realistic is it to go after a dream that very few achieve, but millions want. Where is the line? Where do you separate the fantasy from the reality? Do we need to realize that we have to women/man up and decide that we need to focus on the more realistic option and let go of naive dreams?

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I always like to think that a women's purse is one of her most sacred items. My purse is my entire life packed in a small bag and at times is often my lifesaver. So, instead of doing a basic video where I explain everything that is in my bag, I decided to put my English major to the test and write a blog post instead.

As a woman, there are a few essential items that we need to have in our purses. One of those is a Summers Eve cleansing cloth. LADIES... Listen up! Our personal hygiene is so important, especially the maintenance of our delicate "flower". Therefore, when I know that Miss Flow is about to come on, I ensure that I have a tampon or pad in my bag. I consistently keep a few of the wipes in my bag, not only for when my "friend" pays her irregular visits but also because I love to remain fresh all day, every day.

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What's In My Bag?

Other items that I keep in my bag is a travel size Urban Decay All Nighter spray at times I feel a little oily or want to add some more moister to my skin. Most products that I keep in my bag are for makeup touches and makeup checks. I have Fenty lip gloss, Mac Liner and SosoBeauty Cosmetics for when I need a retouch.

I also keep my trusty Stila highlighter, mostly because it has a mirror. For ANY lady that wears falsies always insure that you keep some lash glue on you, because you never know if it could be a windy day and half of your lash is flying away in the wind. One thing that is however missing from whats in my bag is a brush. It all depends on what hairstyle I am wearing at the time if I actually need to carry it around.

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