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Welcoming Nude and Brown Tones Into Fall

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

There is nothing better than a matching set! With the world seeming as though it is on fire, and all we are doing is sitting at home on the couch, we might as well be comfortable while doing it right? That is exactly what sets offer. They are so easy to style! You can dress it up from day to night or even wear it while lounging around the house. Definitely gives me rich Auntie and/or bougie Mariah Carey vibes.

Side note, can we just say how this glow is popping in these photos?! It's the copper outfit for me! It's the bronzy melanin for me! It's literally EVERYTHING for me! But on a more serious note, I have truly been glowing inside and out. I feel like, in this new chapter in life, I am really enjoying myself and creating a good mindset now that I have my own place where I can create and feel free to do me. I am still consistently working on myself and my greater plans. But, my mental space has definitely changed over the last couple of months. So, let this just be a lesson that no matter what you are currently going through, it will only last for a season. It may take some time, but your good season is coming!

What are your favorite tones to wear in Fall?


Jay ✨


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Welcoming Nude and Brown Tones Into Fall


Outfit Deets

When I was creating this outfit, I kept in mind that less is more. Pearls are my favorite gemstones to accessorize with. At first, I thought the pearl headband was too much for the 'fit. However, I feel as though it gives a luxurious yet girly overall look. And the movement of the fringe is literally everything!

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