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How To Create An Illusion Of Shape For A Sweater Dress

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

I remember when I first saw this sweater dress online and it looked so good on the model! Then, I actually got it in my hands and tried it on. And it definitely did not come close to looking like it had on the model! My body was just not as shapely as hers. And since, I am not an avid believer in re-turning clothing through the mail, because I am too lazy to, I normally just either sell it or just tuck it away in my closet. However, I was determined to make this dress work and put my creative stylings to work.! So, I decided to create the illusion of shape by adding a wide belt to the look. And what is fall without black booties huh?

I do not know what has been going on in my head recently with wanting to shoot content in nature this autumn, because I do not even like nature. But, I truly am obsessed with how all of these photos came out. I have really been enjoying being more creative and tapping into a side of me that I seldom let others see. Which is my true personality and sharing how creative and charismatic that I can be. Embracing the positive place that I am currently in and sharing that and hearing feedback from you all sharing how you enjoy my content and how I inspire you or even just bring a smile to your face, really does make my day and helps me continue to be better and create more.

What other content do you all want to see on my blog/social sites and why do you follow me?



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How To Create An Illusion Of Shape For A Sweater Dress

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