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The Art of The High Waist

City chic styles are my favorite looks to serve right on a silver platter. With Spring coming up I have been upping my style and purchasing new items for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. So, I decided to start the Spring off right with an off the shoulder top and high waisted pants. The nice thing about high wasted pants is that it inches in your waist and makes your torso and legs look longer! I seriously want a pair of these pants in every color that I can get!

What are some of your favorite Spring styles? Let me know by commenting below! Also, show me your style by tagging me in some of your upcoming Spring styles!



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I ordered my pants and shoes off of Justfab. I am member of the site and they not only have cute shoes, but also very fashionable clothes, even for us plus size gals! I have been searching high and low for high wasted pants. With the upcoming Spring, I have been able to find a tone more of high wasted pants in plus size. The key thing about a high wasted pants, is that it allows your legs to look 10 times longer, especially with a good pair of high heels. And who does not like to have the illusion of having legs for days? Am I right or am I right ladies!

Heels, Heels... HEELS!

Let's be real for a second. Walking in heels is hard enough, yet trying to find a heel for wide feet is even harder! I have to try and finds heels that are wide. That is one reason why I applaud Justfab. It is hard to find heels in large sizes that do not look like Grandma's church shoes with the cat heels to match. Therefore, I am in love with these heels because they actually make look like I am young adult/college student. I can not stress the power of walking in heels! They make me feel so confident, like I can take on anything and also gives me the worst foot pain I have ever known. Which is why I like to wear insoles that fit for the balls of my feet; less pain, more wear.

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