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#Summit 21: Discovering my Inner Boss Babe

Over the weekend I posted a lot on my insta-story and pictures during my weekend at Summit 21 and I guess it looked like I was living so much of my "best life" everyone wanted to know, "where are you?", "why didn't you invite me?" and the classic, "You not only went to see Karrueche Tran, but you also saw Tina Knowles and I wasn't anywhere in the building!". To be brutally honest, attending this conference was a last minute plan, and it was TOTALLY worth all the effort that it took to just be able to be in that room and space. From guest speakers such as Nichole Lynel and Alex Wolf to Tina Knowles-Lawson.

#Summit 21: Discovering my Inner Boss Babe

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To quickly summarize what the conference is, Summit 21 is a leadership and women empowerment conference, where women all around the world come to learn about entrepreneurship, branding and marketing. They have a wide variety of speakers, educating women on becoming their best version of themselves career wise. So, if you are an entrepreneur, want to connect and network or want to be inspired by black women bosses, I definitely recommend attending the summit at least once.

The summit lasts for two days and it is literally an all day experience. The first day I had to take everything in. I am an introvert at heart, so I felt very overwhelmed by the space, the decor and all the people. It was sort of an out of body experience because it was just so much to take in and so many people surrounding me. I was a little more on the reserved side, but I did manage to meet a fellow Soror and we had a blast the whole weekend!

Day two of the Summit, I noticed I did a 180. I wasn't so uptight and felt myself let loose a little more. Once I break my comfort zone barrier that is when I really start being myself and having a really good time! It just takes me a minute to readjust. I and in a position where I could be authentically me and being surrounded by like minded individuals, who looked like me. When I tell you there was so much damn melanin! I got my whole entire life!

Summit 21 was an unforgettable experience. I not only learned more about creating a brand, but I also learned more about myself and where I want to see myself and the path I need to get on to reach that goal, not only for Jays Essentials but also for my personal life as well. As a beginner blogger, I am constantly trying to educated myself on how to level up with my brand and audience. This summit really motivated me to continuously to be a student and become more focus and organized when it comes to religiously posting content and being on top of my game with the content I create. One thing is for sure, I definitely can not wait to attend next year! Also, if you are in the Bay area or anywhere, Summit 21 is taking the conference on the road and will be in California at the end of this year!

Have you ever went to Summit 21 before, and if so, how was your experience?

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