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Simple Table Setting Ideas and Tips For Thanksgiving

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Sharing a space with friends and family with love and laughter during Thanksgiving is what the Holiday is all about. Setting a tablescape is the perfect way to create a warm and inviting experience for your guest and can I mention that it's such a vibe. Since I bought my home during a pandemic, I have not been able to host a dinner at my house, but this year, I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house and I am so excited!

Check out my Thanksgiving table setting to get inspired to create your own Thanksgiving tablescape on a budget!


Select a color pattern

When selecting a color pattern for your dinning room, make sure that it ties into the same color scheme as the rest of the house, so as your guest travel from room to room, the colors mesh seamlessly. For thanksgiving, I recommend using bold colors such as oranges, yellows, or browns. I used a burnt orange and it is so perfect. However, if your style is more of a nude tone, make sure you include silvers, golds and/or metal tones for your table settings to stand out.

Add Pumpkins + other decor

It's fall right? Adding pumpkins, gorge, or item thanksgiving related to the table setting is perfect to bring in the Holiday vibe. Also, make sure you add some type of candles. I added tea light candle holders with small LED tea light candles to mine. I wanted to add handle sticks, but I wanted to stick to a budget.

Utilize patterned napkins

Patterned napkins add some flare to the table and makes the setting pop. It is also a fun way to tie in all the colors and doesn't allow the scheme to become boring by only having solid colors.

Stay on budget

Would you believe me if I told you I purchased the glasses and dinning plates for $1 each at Dollar Tree? Knowing when to spend money and when to save is important when decorating your home. I paid more for the pumpkin salad plated because I really liked the gold embellishments and they can be used for years. My motto is, "if it's a unique piece, buy it if it can be found somewhere else for cheaper, save your money, and if it's at a store like HomeGoods alert the sales person immediately because it won't be there when you get back".

Correct silverware and serveware placement

When placing your silverware on the table, it is important that you make sure that the utensils are in the correct location. It is all about proper etiquette. It is important to remember that your guest will start picking up there utensils from the outside and work their way in. Another thing to note is that the cups should always be placed on the right-hand side of the plates. Since this Thanksgiving is not formal, I set up my utensils as casual/informal.


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