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Minimal + Chic Winter Christmas Table Scape For Dining Room

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The dining room table is the place where family and friends come together. It is the perfect place to set up a dining experience that everyone can enjoy. When creating a dining tablescape, it is important for me to stay on budget. I did better with this season by monitoring my budget and getting the best bang for my buck. Being a new homeowner, you really don't understand how much décor and seasonal décor actually cost and how much you need to create a warm, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing environment. Let's take a look at my tablescape and how I created a pretty Christmas, but minimalist tablescape, but on a budget!

When creating my space. I was obsessed with this Christmas tablescape from West End Girl Studio and I wanted to create the vibe of this tablescape without the extra expenses that a table like this would cost. This is because when I decorate my home, I decorate it for myself, to set me in the mood of feeling the Holiday vibe. I am not in the trend of hosting dinner parties, but I enjoy looking at an aesthetically pleasing home when I walk into my house and every space has a purpose and reason for the pieces.

When creating a space, but wanting to stick to a budget, it is important that you don't buy the first item that you love because normally you can find a similar piece at a lower price point (Trust me, I say this from experience). Therefore, here are the top places where you can find aesthetically pleasing home décord that can be refurbished or below cost on a budget.

  1. Facebook Market Place

  2. Good Will or any Thrift Store

  3. Target Dollar Spot

  4. Walmart Dollar Spot

  5. Dollar General

  6. Dollar Tree

  7. Amazon

  8. Ikea

Keep scrolling for all the details of where you can find my tablescape for under $50!

Table Scape Details

Tea Candle Lights (Dollar General)

Greenery (Target Dollar Spot)

Target Candle Holder 3 piece Set (I really want these)


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