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Celebrating Black Excellence

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Let's be honest! If you have not yet seen the screening of Black Panther, stop what you are doing and go watch it NOW! The opening of Black Panther has been one of the most talked-about movies in awhile. Marvel's Black Panther has already made 75.8 million dollars on its first-day release. It is the best Marvel movie to date. Black Panther is set in a world where technological advancements are limitless. I can see why the total budget spent on the movie was easily over 200 million.

The black community has taken the screening of the Black Panther to a whole other level by wearing dashikis, dressing like Queens and Kings, and wearing all black. Seeing as I am a very extra person, I could not go to see the film without joining in on the fun. My friend and I decided to dress in all black as we headed to see the movie in the cinema.



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Some may ask, "why is the releasing of Black Panther so important?"

Well, I have one word for you... REPRESENTATION!

Black Panther has turned into a phenomenon. Bringing the first major black Marvel superhero to hit the big screen. The movie incorporates and celebrates African culture, innovation, and fashion. It represents the diverse tribes and rituals in Africa. The turn out for Black Panther shows why cultural representation in the media matters. There is a need for diversity and inclusivity in media. When you are little, you become easily influenced by what is portrayed on T.V. When you see a person of your skin tone, representing, breaking down barriers, and following their dream, you look up to them and realize that you can do it too! Leaving this movie I was truly in awe and inspired by how the director, cast, and crew celebrated African tradition with well-placed symbolism showing the beauty that Africa has to offer.

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