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7+1 Things To Know Before Traveling To NYC

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

New York owed me nothing, but gave me everything! I am not going to lie, everything you year about New York is true. New York is busy, there are people, everyone, bumping into you and surrounding you everywhere you go. As soon as we landed we witnessed one cabby arguing with another, cars honking their horns every 5 minutes, and car accidents just waiting to happen. Being raised in the South, we are sweet-nasty, where people smile in your face and then say "sweetie" or “Bless your heart.” While people in NYC are just bluntly and blatantly rude. Other than the rude behavior, NYC was a pretty fun experience. I had so much fun on this trip, getting closer to my girlfriends and getting to live my "Sex In The City" fantasy.

Since I was still young, this was the first trip that I went on with no supervision. I was in the biggest city in the world by myself, with no idea how to get around. I learned so much about myself and grew a closer relationship with my friends/sisters. I have been in a slump recently with recently graduating college and trying to find my calling and this trip really helped me become inspired and motivated again and to continue pushing forward despite the obstacles that I am currently facing.

So, hit that "Keep Reading" button to read '7+1 Things To Know Before Traveling To NYC!'

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7+1 Things To Know Before Traveling To NYC

What do you think about my NYC Lookbook? Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

All hotels have a deposit fee of an additional $150

I have stayed a multiple hotels where the whole payment was listed on your confirmation email and I make sure that I read any clauses or disclosures within the confirmation. However, when I arrived at the first desk they notified me about the additional $150 deposit. When I asked if was this included in the confirmation email, they replied no it wasn't, but it was a rule in every hotel in NYC. So make sure you bring extra money for hotel stays.

Wear comfortable shoes!

There is so much waking in NYC. So, if you have very flat feet like I do, I highly recommend you wear some comfortable shoes. One mistake that I made was not buying Dr. Scholls or some sort of foot insoles. Even if you do not have any flat feet, I definitely still recommend sensible shoes.

Just Uber, Lyft or walk

The subway system is definitely confusing. NYC I have one question. How are you going to have maps that do not include the 'you are here' sign? Once you are on the right train, navigating the routes is easy, it's just a matter of getting on the right train. LOL! That is why I recommend taking an Uber, Lyft or walking. If you are in the area where you want to go walk and if the place is farther away take an Uber or Lyft and walk to other areas in the area. I will definitely say that Lyft is cheaper. Also, be prepared to walk a couple of blocks. If your map says 15 minutes away, it is not as far as it seems.

Midtown is poppin'

If I could have changed the hotel I stayed in I would in an instant! The midtown of NYC is close to where Bryant Park is located. This area is where all the nightlife is located and you will be close enough to walk through Time Square, but far away to not deal with all the craziness. There are also a lot of clubs and rooftop bars in the area and a short hop and skip toward some of the best New York sights.

Bring your coins!

I am not going to lie NYC is expensive AF. In most places we went, the drinks cost $3 dollars and there were no refills because they served the drinks in cans. Also, alcoholic beverages cost a minimum of $15 dollars. Don't get me wrong, drinks can cost a lot in ATL as well, but at least we have drink specials. At the place that I go, I can get a margarita for $1 or a more expensive drink for a little bit cheaper than $15. And let's not get started on the food. At one restaurant we went to I literally paid $14 dollars just for a regular burger and fry (I don't eat seafood). I was like damn the 5 dollar bag at Wendy's tastes better than this! (But for real tho)

Nightlife is not a Movie

NYC nightlife is semi-non-existent. I do not know if it's the places we went or their nightlife just ain't hittin'. I haven't experienced a nightlife quite like ATL and I don't know of anything that can really top it. I remember one bar we went to they literally were playing Justin Bieber's 'Baby'. I thought to myself really? As you can imagine it did not take us long before we left. There was this other bar that we went to that didn't even make original or good drinks. They handed us our drink in a can.... A CAN!

Get an AMAZING view

No matter what I say about New York and all of its weird smells, you can not deny that it has some AMAZING views. The view from our hotel was pure perfection. We saw the all of NYC from where we were located. Also, one bar we went to was on top of a hotel. We went at night and the view of the city lights was breathtaking. You definitely can not leave New York before taking in one of the views.

Above All Take A LOT of pictures and Video

Whether this is your first time traveling by yourself like me or if this is your first trip to NYC, make sure you commemorate this experience by taking hella photos and videos! Even if you are not extra like I am, take the picture! My line sister/friend does not take a lot of photos, however by seeing myself be "me", I inspired her to step outside of herself and take those photos! Because we all want those bomb photos and make sure the 'gram knows we are living our best life!

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