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Get Unready with Me: Travel Skin Care Routine

I travel a lot, and I really mean like A LOT! I am always out of town at least twice a month and every time I go out, you know I have to have my face beat! So, I always have to take good care of my skin once I get back to my hotel room at night.

I have never had any real skin issues such as acne and other skin problems. For the most part I have really good genes is relation to skin and I have always had really smooth skin. However, as I am maturing into adult hood, I am starting to realize the importance of maintaining my physical health. Such as moisturizing your skin, maintaining a healthy diet and the hardest one of all drinking WATER! So much damn h20. So, I decided to start with investing in a good skin care routine that works well with my normal skin type.

My travel kit includes mostly all travel sizes, which is a must especially when traveling by plane. So, here are my current skincare product MUST HAVES and FAVS when on the run! Also be sure to check out my full YouTube video, which is linked below!




Get Unready with Me: Travel Skin Care Routine

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