When you get home from a stressful day, the only thing you want to do is take off those heels, bra, throw off that wig and lay in bed and watch Netflix. Who wants a bedroom that is not a representation of themselves and is not a relaxing and peaceful place? A bedroom should be a place where you grow, cry, dance and laugh. A room where you create good times and even better memories. I feel as though I can be myself and vulnerable in my “safe place”. So, here are some easy steps that you can implement to make your room/dorm a success.



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Decide Color Pattern

Choose a color and design that you like and not a color or design that is popular or “trendy”. Remember you are going to be looking at this room day in and day out. I recommend choosing two or three colors with an accent color. I choose white, gray, and pink with an accent of rose gold. Having a white or Gray color scheme leaves a way to easily change the colors of your room if you need a color/design change.


When the lights go out, my tree lights up! I am absolutely in love with my tree of lights. Lights do not always have to be LED lights, but also investing in some really good candles, designed to match your theme, is a good tool to create a relaxing environment. After a stressful day, I always turn off my lights and turn on my tree, light candles, play relaxing music, and throw on a face mask. Lighting is a sure-fire way to help ease the space and bring tranquility to your room.

Accent pieces

Accent pieces have a way of bringing a room together. When I was first decorating my room, I realized my space seemed dull. So, I went to TJMAXX and bought some rose gold knick-knacks to put on my side table. Also, I recently bought a book that went perfectly with my theme, so why not throw that on there as well. Any piece that brings attention to a corner of a room and makes it stands out will be perfect for a dorm/bedroom.

Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose

Items from your previous decor do not have to be thrown in the garbage! It is called to recycle and reuse for a reason! This piece featured in the picture above was originally three separate colors. I did not want to spend money on another back boarder. So, I went to Walmart, bought spray paint, and painted those bad boys. This is one of many examples of how you can incorporate old items into your new room.


When it comes to throw pillows, I say, the more, the better. I am obsessed with throw pillows. I feel as though they make the bed seem more welcoming as if it is saying, “come to me and lay your sleepy head upon me”. Also, adding a throw blanket to your bed will help the attractiveness of your bed. Throws are also perfect if you do not want to mess up a perfectly made bed. All you have to do is grab the throw and kick up your heels.

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Let's admit it. Trying to achieve makeup looks, such as youtube's top beauty gurus is hard. Especially, when it comes to getting the effortless flawless glow that they seem to achieve so easily. Now that it is still winter, and the sun-kissed tan has officially disappeared, it seems so much harder. Even though it is winter, it doesn’t mean that I nor you can’t achieve a “natural” glow with your makeup.

Creating glowy skin is what I seek to achieve every day! Is it so bad that I want my face to look as soft and smooth as a baby's butt? Not saying that I always want to have a glam look, but I do enjoy my skin having a flawless, natural finish. I have been perfecting my natural glow all winter. With the products I use, it is easy to turn your look from day to night, soft to full glam. If you are a beginner with makeup, or just want to try out some new products, here are some great, everyday products that I use to get my “natural,” glowy skin!

What are some of y'alls favorite makeup looks and products? Comment below because I am always looking forward to hearing from you guys!



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This spray is one, if not the best setting spray I have tried. The great thing about this spray is that it can also be applied to eyeshadow brushes, so the shadow will become more pigmented and prevents less fail out.


The key to a natural, flawless look is in the base of your makeup. That means what you wear as a primer and foundation are important! If you are laying down a layer of foundation on dry or oily skin, your foundation can and will come off as cakey. I have been using this baby since day one and it has yet to disappoint. Clinique Moisturizing Gel is a good product, especially if you're like me and have dry skin. The brand also offers various other face cleaning products.


This is an 8-hour long-wear, full-coverage foundation with buildable coverage. Ever since I've been using this foundation, my skin looks better than it ever has with previously used foundations. It can even put to better use during this summer because it has an SPF 15 included in the formula.


Jacklyn Hills has hit the nail on the head with this diverse pallet! This pallet includes 35 different shades and can create so many different looks. There are mattes, shimmers, satins, foils, and glitters, all in ONE palette. On top of that, the eyeshadows are so freakin' pigmented!


I easily can compare this drug store mascara to Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, except it's cheaper! It is formula curls, lengthens, and thickens lashes. The spoolie de-clumps and is an easy applicator.


If you don't know about Pomade, then now you do! Anastasia has the best products for eyebrows. I can easily shape my eyebrows using this product. And your man can take you swimming while wearing it because the Pomade is smudge-free and waterproof!


I adore Patrick Starrr and his MAC collection powder does not disappoint. The formula is fine and soft with a peach undertone. When I set my under-eye, it not only brightens the area but also softens the face.


We all want our highlight poppin'! I find that this highlight gives a bronzy, glowy, and natural accent to the skin. This highlighter will look amazing on any woman of color. I find that some highlighters are dry, but this highlighter is creamy and luminous. Although, do not go too heavy with the highlighter because no one wants to look like a glowing disco ball.


Even though this is a contour stick, it is perfect for contouring and sculpting the cheekbones. The formula is moisturizing and is an easily blend-able, velvet, matte finish.

It is almost February and that means Spring is almost upon us!

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City chic styles are my favorite looks to serve right on a silver platter. With Spring coming up I have been upping my style and purchasing new items for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. So, I decided to start the Spring off right with an off the shoulder top and high waisted pants. The nice thing about high wasted pants is that it inches in your waist and makes your torso and legs look longer! I seriously want a pair of these pants in every color that I can get!

What are some of your favorite Spring styles? Let me know by commenting below! Also, show me your style by tagging me in some of your upcoming Spring styles!



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I ordered my pants and shoes off of Justfab. I am member of the site and they not only have cute shoes, but also very fashionable clothes, even for us plus size gals! I have been searching high and low for high wasted pants. With the upcoming Spring, I have been able to find a tone more of high wasted pants in plus size. The key thing about a high wasted pants, is that it allows your legs to look 10 times longer, especially with a good pair of high heels. And who does not like to have the illusion of having legs for days? Am I right or am I right ladies!

Heels, Heels... HEELS!

Let's be real for a second. Walking in heels is hard enough, yet trying to find a heel for wide feet is even harder! I have to try and finds heels that are wide. That is one reason why I applaud Justfab. It is hard to find heels in large sizes that do not look like Grandma's church shoes with the cat heels to match. Therefore, I am in love with these heels because they actually make look like I am young adult/college student. I can not stress the power of walking in heels! They make me feel so confident, like I can take on anything and also gives me the worst foot pain I have ever known. Which is why I like to wear insoles that fit for the balls of my feet; less pain, more wear.

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